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  1. Darthas System Admin 1d 2h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 Waiii, Darthas-senpai noticed me~*

    ...I would fav your stuff if you actually submitted any.

    And oh, you're bothering Alenas again.

    The mustard yellow isn't that bad. But I dig this text-box orange hue more.

    I submit forum posts.
    Alen was the one who tricked me, btw.

    Why does no one appreciate my yellow?
    ..and what is up with that name of yours?

  2. Darthas System Admin 2d 20h ago

    Thanks for the likes and favs.

  3. Tannhauser 3d 16h ago

    thank for the comment and fav

  4. Buttah 1wk 3d ago

    I won't bother with the likes of you anymore. Talking reasonably is just a waste of time I realized.

  5. Buttah 1wk 5d ago

    Try to be a bit more objective or let a better mod handle the cases.

  6. Monu-chan 2wk 2d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91I don't know D: I found this and it doesn't look good...

    I also searched and found no solution D:
    I lost my vector :(
    You need to wait for your Birthday present.... damn my surprise became total flop :/

  7. Huesin Elite Member 2wk 3d ago

    Happy Birthday, Pande-chwan~!

    Look at all those pretty cacodemons :P

    Btw, this is you eating your birthday cake:

    Jk~ Hope you have a nice day today :D

  8. Tanya2000 2wk 3d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 Hi! It looks like the thumbnails on your recently submitted were fixed, so I restored them :)

    Thank you :3

  9. Monu-chan 2wk 4d ago

    When I opened my .psd of vector this Dialogue appears.. Did I lost my psd? I don't have back up it unfortunately so can't restore D:

  10. Monu-chan 2wk 4d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91OMG well um I like snow... Whatever's easier, haha XD

    Ahhh just came from college. Okay got it!
    *starts vectoring*

  11. Monu-chan 2wk 5d ago

    What kind of Background you'll like with a cute yaoi couple?
    Sunny Spring or Wintry and snowy?
    Please reply ASAP, I've got only 1 day to complete it.

  12. Steffi1690 3wk 6d ago