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  1. Steffi1690 1wk 5d ago

    Btw very beautiful BG! =)

  2. Steffi1690 1wk 5d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91

    Quote by Steffi1690Sorry it wasn't on purpose! I wanted to make them all extra posts but ut all merged into one.

    Lol no biggie, don't worry about it. There have been cases where I was done with processing a post and deleted it, only to discover the poster had updated it while I was working on it - so their edits were lost. It's more of a convenience thing for everyone involved c:

    Thanks for all the tag work, btw, I notice all your stuff is always neatly tagged c;

    I see that's not good when they get lost.

  3. Steffi1690 2wk 0d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 Hi,

    Please wait until your post in the Tag Admin Thread is processed before posting again, and remember to follow the report format outlined in the first post. Thanks!

    Sorry it wasn't on purpose! I wanted to make them all extra posts but ut all merged into one.

  4. Alenas Retired Moderator 3wk 2d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 >I thought it was time to wall a shirtless hot male.
    I do concur. Yum.

    >And if you squint, there are 8 clouds in the sky.
    Dayum, more foreshadowing than a major GoT plot twist.

    The fact that this took only 2 days and came out looking so amazing baffles me. You are seriously fast at coming up with good stuff! And aside from the obvious man candy, I really like the clouds and your signature on his belt, haha. Am a big fan of the shading on the skin as well, you have a way with highlights that I've not honestly seen anyone else showing. +faving and saving <3

    Yep. After boobs, it was only fair to wall something hot, shirtless and male to compensate. xD

    Lol, I actually didn't even think about the clouds. I was lost about the title of the wall as usual so I went to Wiki to hopefully dig something inspiring about PDY. Saw his name meant 'Eight Clouds' and decided to go with that. Then I actually counted the clouds in the BG, realized there are actually 8-ish of them and went all "Sweet!" xD

    Thanks for the love~ <3

  5. El-Cadejos 3wk 3d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 Hi! Remember, you have these tags to report:
    Orion Rigel

    I've been away from the computer this week due to health issues but I'll do it right away!

  6. MisaSasekage 4wk 0d ago

    Got an issue with the same member again, but 2 other Mods (who are aware of this problem) aren't here; so shot you a PM about it.

  7. Hinane2 4wk 6d ago

    big thanks for the fav ^^

  8. elisadevelon Elite Member 5wk 5d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91Ahh, the dreaded "stuff conflicts with each other but IDK what from this word salad of codes" D:
    Oh, thanks. Slightly disappointed that I can't replace the username/title completely, though I may have to try some tricks to see if they work.
    It was "moderator", indeed :D

    E.X.A.C.T.L.Y. But I finally did it! Yasss! Thanks for help. I really did have to delete a line and add sth else instead.
    Lol, if you don't come up with sth, no one will. Good luck!

  9. elisadevelon Elite Member 6wk 2d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 *picks nose intelectually*

    TBH I have no clue about the coding of ZC or how much time he invests in it. I rarely visit it, save for looking at their excellent info on mangaka and shamelessly stealing it for here. Not familiar with the grouping system there, what is it like? Can something like that be done for MT?

    Hmm, well, gotta say the grouping on ZC looks like when someone submits a wall with alternative versions to MT. You know, like within "one" wallpaper. I have no idea about the coding either but if Sheq did it there he couuuuld maybe copy it here. The thing is that ZC groups everything together, no matter whether the images are scans or walls. This is still my favorite example. Plus, it looks like they don't even delete duplicates unless they're completely the same. Still, it's way easier to find similar versions of one image there.

  10. elisadevelon Elite Member 6wk 2d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91It has indeed been discussed and agreed upon before. However, to put it simply, it's too much work for Sheq and he isn't interested in/able to devote that much time to implementing it. So we have to make do with whatever alternatives we can muster up.

    ok but wouldn't it be enough to copy some codes from Zerochan and adjust them to the MT system? I suppose Sheq takes care of both sites? And if he (or whoever) had the time to set up that site for Asian popstars then I would hope that some edits could be done in the MT coding. Argh! I really love the grouping system on ZC. It's so transparent. *sigh*

  11. El-Cadejos 8wk 1d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91Tag discussions are usually done in Tag-licious so we can preserve the discussion (because it might be useful for the future). The posts in the Tag admin thread are deleted, so that's why the thread is not good for longer talks :)

    As for your question: the character tags you are adding to your images may have "Saint Seiya" set to auto. Usually characters are tagged under all the series they appear in; if they are tagged under multiple series, those series tags are set to manual.
    If you see a character tagged under a series they shouldn't be in (for example, "Saint Seiya" instead of "Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas"), or if they AREN'T tagged under a series they should be in, then report them and mention which series tag should be added/removed from those character tags.

    For a more in-depth explanation of auto and manual tags, see this guide.

    Ah! Now that makes much more sense.
    Thank you again and sorry for the bother, I just really want to make sure I'm not giving you guys more trouble than necessary. I'll check the thread right away!

  12. elisadevelon Elite Member 8wk 5d ago

    I messed up again: Raising Hands. I'm sorry. So once and for all, if this happens again, merge it with Null?