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  1. xangel0 Moderator 1d 21h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 Yeah, I'd probably be like this if I tried that XD Were you studying or something?

    haha the dude has good ear to make music from everything, that's all
    I was working ._.

  2. elisadevelon 2d 6h ago

    Yep, I know. I experienced this myself and had to defend anime from being labeled "children's cartoons". *sigh* I wonder what those people who think that way say about anime after seeing its dark side. Still, they should probably start with something lighter and not so bloody, lol. I don't want to imagine the possible shocks.

    Quote by pandemonium91Now I'm really curious about the plan behind all this.

    Um, so am I...

    I dare say the Survey Corps get more than enough practice outside the walls. But then again, forests are inside the walls, as well. I guess that all soldiers might have some regular 3DMG trainings in forests. The trainee camps were situated inside the walls too and yea, I seriously doubt the trainees would be allowed to go outside so soon but 3 years of training must have helped them a lot.

    You can watch the OVA now, honestly, because here's some bad news. At least, the second part of the OVA comes out some time around June 2015. It's a story exclusively about Levi and how he joined the military so no real spoilers. Or you can read the manga version. It's complete and it's called "A Choice with No Regrets".

    Quote by pandemonium91Yea, that trumps everything I've seen in the show. Or in the gallery. This, mostly.
    It is an impressive buttplug, though.

    Hahaha, it totally looks like some orgy, doesn't it? Sometimes I think Isayama needs serious help.
    Oh, that weirdly disgusting card. Yes. I would very much like to know who approves of what comes with the official merch and releases.

    Quote by pandemonium91Is it just me or does the Titan in the front look a bit like Marilyn Manson?

    now that you mention it, I think it does. Also: Nicolas Cage (for comparison), Freddie Mercury, the guy from Aerosmith whose name I can't remember and Santa respectively. And I'll bet all my supplies of chocolate-chip cookies and ice tea that there's more. xD

  3. elisadevelon 3d 1h ago

    A weird mascot, honestly. I'm not sure he made the two stop fighting each other. I feel like he's just accidentally gotten in their way...

    Oh well, didn't think of Death Note.

    Quote by pandemonium91I guess it and SnK are neither typical sparkly shoujo nor harem so they're easier to stomach because they're closed to movies?

    Seriously? Easier to stomach? People are dropping like flies in those series. And think of the circumstances, esp. in SNK. ಠ_ಠ But I gotta agree that both series have their charm and are pretty thrilling from the beginning till the end.

    Oh, I was actually trying to say that two months isn't that long. -_- I wanted to say pretty much what you wrote in your comment. And omg, I don't think they train that often. I think they just learned to use the 3DMG back when they were still trainees. They spent three years as trainees so they probably had enough training with the equipment but I doubt that actual soldiers need to use the 3DMG too often. The Survey Corps do, of course, but take the Military Police for example; they're just maintaining order within the inner city. There's no need to use the 3DMG there, maybe except for chasing some criminals. You need to watch that special episode about Levi's past that came out now in December.

    And honestly, the trial was definitely Erwin's planning, too. Levi wouldn't probably voluntarily do that to Eren unless he really had to. Do you remember how Erwin raised his hand and presented his proposal right after Levi beat Eren to a pulp? He was just waiting for that opportunity. He planned it all, I swear to god.
    Umm, I warn you. This is a bit - I don't know, nsfw? or just plain crazy? - but here's my most WTF moment. It's probably even more wtf if you don't know the context...

    Yep, there are three, or actually four if you count the one episode about Levi's past. That one will have a second part, too.

  4. xangel0 Moderator 3d 3h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 How'd that turn out? :o

    turned out WELL! stayed up all night lol
    there was a moment where my hands shaked a lot but it went all cool, at least that's what I remember ._.

  5. elisadevelon 3d 6h ago

    The Moon, huh?

    Also, sorry for ignoring your GB entry for so long, I'll reply to it... eventually. D:

  6. xangel0 Moderator 3d 21h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91Hehe, thanks~ It's the product of drinking two energizers and a coffee in one day, lol.

    that reminds me the time when I took energy drink + pills to stay awake >.>

  7. xangel0 Moderator 4d 19h ago

    Awsum layout gurl o_o I'm lovin it

  8. myri-chan 6d 23h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91Myri! Thank you for the favorites <3
    Btw, I've always been curious about it: I understand The Crow (it's awesome!), but why do you have pedobear on your UP? o.O

    you re welcome pande (^^)b

    haha well you know Pb is an icon ! one of the most popular and funniest internet memes Lol

  9. elisadevelon 1wk 3d ago

    Who comes up with the ads? Very creative Japanese with a unique sense of humor probably.While I understand no word from the ads, I always laugh at the images. The one with the TC eating noodles was nice, too. Or the ones with that white guy who I don't know but they always put him there as if he was just another titan...

    Yes, that must be a legendary scene. It cracked me up, too. And I was thinking about it while working on the wall, you're right. xD

    They're funny as ads! I would guess people would watch the anime just to understand what's going on in them. And except for that, for some reason, SNK seems to be an anime which is watched even by people who don't usually watch Japanese cartoons. The only one they'd ever watch is SNK. *shrugs*

    And omg, Pande, I love your theories. They're the best. I was laughing for 10 minutes straight when I read them. I didn't even know and still don't know what to say to them. But soldiers can't be flying around on their 3DMG's all the time. I believe the events displayed in the anime take place within 2-3 months. And you probably know - it's said at the beginning of the series that there was peace for 100 years so humans didn't have to fight against the Titans for a century. But hell, have you seen the last episodes when Erwin orders to capture the Female Titan in the inner city and totally doesn't care about all the destruction and when the authorities accuse him, he just says "I believe it is a step forward" and everyone is just staring at him like have you lost your mind, man? and he's all above them? That time, they probably needed a lot of construction workers to rebuild the city...

  10. ichigoluvsrukia 1wk 4d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 Nice, I like the light pink, it's very easy on the eyes :)

    Thx for the fav and compliment~! <3

  11. Darthas Moderator 1wk 5d ago

    Yeap, and I'm about to change it.. again.

  12. Darthas Moderator 1wk 6d ago

    Darthas was here.