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  1. myri-chan 6d 19h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 No need :) Thanks for the help! Here are the tags:
    Falco (Fist of the North Star)
    Hyoh (renamed)
    Kaioh (Fist of the North Star)
    Ryuken (renamed)
    Shin (Fist of the North Star)
    Uighur the Warden

    There's only this left:

    Quote by myri-chan Characters:
    Airi(Females, Blue Hair, Very Long Hair, Closed Eyes)

    it is me who should thank you Pande ^.^ i added Airi :3

  2. myri-chan 6d 21h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 Well, you already made Shin (Fist of the North Star) so that's pretty much the same way to make those, for the characters with more common names. Make sure to write the series name in the parentheses as well, like this:
    Hyoh (Fist of the North Star, Males, Black Hair, Long Hair, Scars)

    I get it now ^.^' Thank you Pande ...should i post it all in the tag admin thread ?

  3. myri-chan 6d 21h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91

    Quote by myri-chan Characters:
    Airi(Females, Blue Hair, Very Long Hair, Closed Eyes)
    Uighur the Warden(Males, Helmet, Horns, Beards)
    Hyoh(Males, Black Hair, Long Hair, Scars)
    Shin(Males, Blonde Hair, Long Hair)
    Falco(Males, Blonde Hair, Short Hair)
    Kaioh(Males, Dark Skin, Short Hair, Purple Hair, Scars)
    Ryuken(Males, Bald, Beards)

    Thank you.

    These tags don't exist...

    I know . I uploaded new characters, i had to create those tags but i didn't make new tags for a long time so if you could help me with that it would be so kind :)

  4. Steffi1690 2wk 2d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91

    Quote by Steffi1690 Please tag as Artist:
    Nap (artist)
    Pixiv Id 13854

    Renamed to Nap (Mangaka) and Yoko (Mangaka).

    Ok thanks alot!

  5. DokiDokiChan Moderator 3wk 2d ago


  6. SaitoHajime101 5wk 6d ago

    I do appreciate it. I'll play around with the bg more and see what I can do. I'll have something by the end of Saturday for sure.

  7. SaitoHajime101 5wk 6d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91

    Quote by SaitoHajime101Much appreciated for the feedback!

    I'm currently working on the tree to eliminate the pixilation. Unfortunately, its going to take a while which sucks.

    The only part I'm baffled about is the "Signature". No where in the policy does it state a signature is required nor does it say it on the "Submit Wallpaper" page. If there is a section where it does say it, please let me know cause its very possible I missed it.


    Echoing Alenas on the tree. It looks really out of place and poor quality when compared to the vector, unfortunately.
    The signature is more of an unwritten rule, to prevent works from being stolen and reuploaded elsewhere (or here).
    I'd also recommend including some pink or blue in the background, to match the characters. Maybe some flowers, curtains, ribbons or other decorations?
    Do you think you can reupload it in 1-2 days? Otherwise I'm afraid it'll have to be deleted.

    As much as the recommendation is appreciated, the issue I have is it was suppose to be a postcard-like wallpaper with a minimalistic concept. Adding more and more to it just takes away from the original idea. I have no qualms with adding more but then the new colors and/or items would make the trees look out of place. I'm not as skilled enough to figure this one out.

    I've been in the process of fixing the trees, however due to work and personal circumstances, I don't have the time during the week for it. I usually work on this stuff over the weekend. So I guess if you need to delete it, then go for it. I'll reupload whenever I get it fixed.

    Despite my reservations about the fact there's even an "unwritten rule" amongst other things, I'll add my name to it when I finish up.

    I very much appreciate the feedback and thanks for the support.

  8. Blue-Crescent 6wk 1d ago

    Hello Pande-chan!
    I do hope you are doing well my good friend. It has been a while since the last time I was so active here in Minitokyo so I am trying to re-communicate with good friends. ^_^

    They finished airing Sailor Moon Crystal already. Were you able to finish the series? ^_^

    Take care always Pande-chan! ^^


  9. Huesin Elite Member 6wk 2d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91Eh, nothing sacred or compromising about it. At least nothing got out about the secret VIP H section, whew!

    It'd be nice if people wanted to pay for that section. We could hire more people to fix the bugs with all that money :P

  10. Steffi1690 6wk 4d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91

    Quote by Steffi1690 Please remove here the "Orange Hair", "Kissing" an "Purple Eyes" tags:

    Alvaro & Lulu

    Almost Kissing is parented under Kissing, that's where the Kissing tag came from.

    Ah I see. Ok thanks.

  11. Huesin Elite Member 7wk 0d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91Nah, it was waaay before meeting the lovely Darthas. Around middle school, IIRC.

    I thought Darthas was the culprit. He always appears to be the culprit of something.. lol, just kidding.

    Quote by pandemonium91I'm lazy right now, but I do remember terrifying Doki with them in a PM. I'll ask her, she has this uncanny ability to find things among literally dozens of PMs.

    Hoho.. If I was like your 'lovely' friend, I'd quote that part in our convos everytime.. You're lucky I'm not that evil, Pande-chwan :P

    Anyways, so a friend broke your mind with them and you proceeded to scare the s%#t out of Doki with those same things? That's heartless xD

    Quote by pandemonium91Nah, I don't delete that many wallpapers. If 20 walls were to be submitted within two weeks, I would delete at most 1 of those (of course, those numbers tend to change depending on a lot of factors).

    Oh I thought you guys deleted 20 in a day, lol. That'd be way too many deletions.

    Quote by pandemonium91Lmao you're not the only one. I love talking to myself.

    Talking on the internet feels like talking to myself sometimes. It's weird ^^;

    Quote by pandemonium91Hue is a coward. Cowarrrrd.

    No, I'm not! xD I'm just trying to protect the 'sacred' convos that happen in the mod forum, that's all :P

  12. MisaSasekage 7wk 1d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91

    Quote by MisaSasekage Characters:

    Brynhild (Fate/Grand Order, Females, Very Long Hair, White Hair, Purple Eyes) Alias: Lancer (Fate/Grand Order)
    Lancer (fate/grand Order) (Fate/Grand Order, Females, Long Hair, Purple Hair, Red Eyes)

    Can't have both. Which one is it?

    My mistake on the alias. Just remove the alias for Brynhild.