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  1. Painter 19m 29s ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 If you mean the guy asking why he can't faint, he's the zombie's lover.
    Some shounen-ai is good. But I've come across series that almost made me reconsider liking it. BL is definitely not for everyone, though - and even then there's so many divisions and types that you might like one and completely hate another.

    Dreams come true sometimes...
    In my opinion, better are those which have more than only love story in the plot. At least Toga inu no chi (but anyway there are some things disturbing impression for me). What do you like in shounen-ai?
    Thanks for adding back btw :)

  2. YuuichiYouko 1h 53m ago

    Quote by pandemonium91

    Quote by YuuichiYouko Mangakas:

    Moka Topioka

    For this mangaka, where did you get the name? He appears only as Iwaki on Pixiv.

    I couldn't find the picture on Pixiv so i used safebooru and the mangaka's name on there was Moka Topioka. That's why I tagged it as that.

  3. Painter 18h 26m ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 If it's different enough, sure. If not, I suggest updating the existing one (just upload an alternate version).
    Dat pick-up line. It demands an epic, palm-reddening high-five.
    I'll just say this: you're reading a nice manga which is barely kinda shounen-ai at that point...and then it devolves into necrophilia. Explicit necrophilia. This is how I got through the rest of it. He does love (yes, the necrophilia involves sex), but the problem is less with body temperature and more with...uh...joints being able to connect the body parts quite as well anymore. Like this and the following page.

    It's funny I'd like to see your face that moment XDD And what was with the guy who saw this? I'm not a fan of shounen-ai, but one of my friends is just crazy about that, she asked me to read some. And must say, such mangakas are really efficient when it comes to.

  4. Painter 1d 1h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91Oh, it's visible - I didn't pay so much attention so first. Throw a shiny bishie and a cat at me and you've got me 4 lyfe.

    No genius, just been tagging lots of images with parks lol. If it's not cherry blossoms, it's alleys. But happy to contribute nonetheless ^^ I don't mind the white space (it makes for nice balance between the detailed leaves on the bottom and the top part), but if you guys want more it's up to you~

    You know, the whole "hot wherever he goes" thing reminds me of the series my last wall was from. The guy in the wall was the same. 'Cept he was a literal corpse who needs to stay in low temperatures or he will literally melt (because psychological trauma is apparently free with some BL manga). Dunno what excuse Yakumo has, lol.

    So, we can leave it as it by way of exception then and later submit new version ^-^

    Oh, he seems to be quite strange... Does it mean that he must not love in order to stay away from high temperatures of such emotions?
    One day I'll watch PDY anime and find out the reason >:]

  5. elisadevelon 1d 6h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91...Mad props to Elisa for getting rid of that nasty spine and Painter for trudging through the leaves (I'm assuming that's how you two divided up the "main" work). Also digging the subtle textures on the cat, book and jeans...

    Awww, thank you, Pande! The spine wasn't really that much problematic. The leaves were the worst. For both of us probably. It wasn't easy for me to extend the wall because it meant even more leaves on the edges. Thank god I've already forgotten how long it took to outline all of them. Digging the texture as well. I'm glad we agreed with Zix on putting them all there.

    Quote by pandemonium91Eh, a tile path or a dirt path would look natural on the right, like he's just plopped himself down near a path in a park.

    Yes, yES YES! Totally agreed! Like I said in the description, I'll paint something and we'll update it (if I find enough patience for painting soon). Thanks for the support! :3

  6. Painter 2d 14h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 Hot damn, so much detail here! Mad props to Elisa for getting rid of that nasty spine and Painter for trudging through the leaves (I'm assuming that's how you two divided up the "main" work). Also digging the subtle textures on the cat, book and jeans; I noticed the one on the cat but probably would've missed the one on the book if you hadn't pointed it out in the description.

    Eh, a tile path or a dirt path would look natural on the right, like he's just plopped himself down near a path in a park. Also, am I the only one thinking it'd get really cold on the ground even with a blanket? Let alone sleeping like that. Brr!

    Really solid work you have here, guys. Both of us spoiled us rotten with so much shiny <3

    Thanks =^-^= Maybe the texture on the book isn't really visible because of much lights (it's used all over the cover).

    We chatted about that corner aaand I didn't even thought about any kind of path or road o_o You're genius!

    He's so damn hot that had to lie on ground to cool down XDD And the book was so interesting x) There're a lot of pic with him lying everywhere: water, sofa, even snow (!) wearing the same shirt... He must be non-freezing.

    Thanks a lot for your support from both of us ^-^

  7. doki1455 3d 21h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 Hi,

    Thanks for reporting tags, it's very useful :)
    However, please remember to report ALL the tags, not just the characters. This includes mangaka (Anashin, Rira Kirishima) and series (Sekai no Hashikko to Anzu Jam, Haru Matsu Bokura).
    Thank you!~

    No problem :D

  8. AZD-A9S 5d 6h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91

    Quote by AZD-A9S How have you been doing so far Olivia?
    What will you do for Thanksgiving?

    Well hello there again!~ Well, I'll be having classes that day and will hopefully get to talk to the Norwegian diplomat who will be giving a speech during the class :3
    Personal life-wise, not much, really. Not from the US so we don't celebrate it ^^ You got any plans?

    I see.

    Oh dear. Forgive my forgetfulness.

    I just want to get my Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and play them at home.
    Yeah...sounds boring huh?
    I'm not much of a holiday or birthday person since passing the age of 20.
    Being in the hospitals a lot just kinda tires me out and changes my view of things a little lately.
    If I didn't have Video Games, Anime / Manga, I think I'd be a depressed, duller person.

    The way how cold it's getting, being out just increases my chance of going into the hospital. I was just in the hospital recently (damn volunteer work). I like to stay warm, well and at home.

    Stay healthy pandy.
    AZD out.

  9. AZD-A9S 1wk 0d ago

    How have you been doing so far Olivia?
    What will you do for Thanksgiving?

  10. Steffi1690 1wk 4d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91

    Quote by Steffi1690 Please tag as Artbook from Shiitake:

    Artbook Collaboration

    Renamed to Collaboration - Shiitake Art Works to avoid confusion.

    Ah okay. I'm not so sure with the artbook names - sry!

  11. Painter 1wk 5d ago

    Thank you for the fav :)

  12. elisadevelon 2wk 1d ago

    I still do want to edit it. I just don't have that much time right now. This week's real busy for me. I like your idea, though. Nice interpretation. xD My beautiful invincible vamp is going to kick some asses, hohoho. :3

    That Titan looks hideous. Not the wall. Just the Titan. And that is why I don't like the wall too much... (And no, the two forms don't make sense at all. Neither in the anime, nor in the manga.)
    Ooo, some amazing fighting poses? :3
    "I'm planning to vector it in Illustrator so the anime and manga will probably be finished by the time that's done, lol." <--- I wouldn't bet on that. I don't think the series is going to come to an end that soon. Remember - we still haven't seen what's in the basement. D:

    I know, I just didn't have to choose a character that MT didn't have in the database... Plus, that game is like a ghost game. Almost no screenshots or promo art to be found. Regardless, thanks for adding the tags. I wasn't sure how to tag the wall. But - should the 'Member Art' tag be here? I thought that 'Original' was more in place since I practically changed the girl's appearance as if she didn't belong to any series/game but didn't draw her from scratch and only based her on a reference image?