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  1. Huesin Moderator 1d 22h ago

    "Manga purist"... Pande... you really gonna do me like that?! xD

  2. elisadevelon Moderator 3d 19h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91They go by SO fast! I really want to know what you think of both of them :D Some say Brotherhood is better than 2003 because it follows the manga more closely but I don't care about that because I'm not a dirty manga purist like Hue they become pretty different beasts about 1/4 on so it's not hard to see them as separate stories. Personally I think they handled things pretty well with 2003 considering the manga was still coming out and the ending wasn't fleshed out (inb4 GoT flashbacks).

    Btw A+ handling of that thread.

    Hahaha, well I almost never read manga so I'm gonna judge it anime-wise only. Is Hue such a manga purist? I never noticed, lol.

    Hey, thanks, Pande. Sometimes it isn't easy but at least I can practice my writing skills. ^^;
    'Phishing'... Soo has anyone done sth similar like him during your blue age?

  3. elisadevelon Moderator 4d 23h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91

    Spoiler (show)

    I liked both series because they feature both SHINY ALCHEMY LIGHTS (yes I am a little kid) and SERIOUS DRAMA without favoring one in particular. FMA 2003 was more focused on the adventure and thriller aspect, I guess, and had a more solid development of the core cast IMO (the relationship between the Elric brothers wasn't so well developed in Brotherhood, IMO, and there was significantly more focus on Ed than Al). I also felt that FMA 2003 dwelled more on certain ethical aspects, and that gave more weight to the characters' decisions and let you process the moments better.

    FMA 2003: good core cast development, pretty good original story, great humor and use of alchemy, has shit ending if you don't watch the movie
    FMA Brotherhood: more focus on action, less humor, more shounen, solid secondary characters, better ending, avoid the movie like the plague

    I'd recommend both of them tbh, they're different beasts and have their good and bad points. Seeing FMA 2003 first would probably be better, as Brotherhood kind of zooms through the intro (Ed and Al's past) and you can be left feeling a bit confused.

    Very good! Thanks for the feedback; it's pretty much what I wanted to hear :D I love shiny lights, no matter if they're alchemy lights. I'm in and downloading although I didn't expect 50+ episodes in BOTH seasons. :O This is gonna be a long marathon xD

  4. elisadevelon Moderator 1wk 1d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91I can def relate to not liking romantic subplots, they're often badly done and a waste of screentime. I'll absolutely watch the Thor movies one day...though it's getting kind of intimidating, with Marvel planning so many movies for their crossovers (one article said they already have 12 movies planned!). Fortunately they still aren't as confusing to follow as comics.

    I loved X-Men too! Though Rogue was more my gal than Storm c:

    Not only subplots. Nothing romantic for me at all. xD
    Yes, the Marvel cinematic universe. It's a cool idea and I can imagine that comic fans will love it but I guess it could scare some people off. Though you don't really need to watch everything; mostly the movies will still make sense also if you only watch 1-2 but you won't undestand some references.

    Rogue was awesome too. I'd say all the girls had interesting powers. But it was sad Rogue couldn't touch anyone without draining their life energy. :(

    Hey, since you recently watched FMA, I guess you'd recommend it? Is it about alchemy / magic or mainly focused on some psychology?

  5. elisadevelon Moderator 2wk 2d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91OK this is like the second anti-pink afro comment I've gotten, I clearly have to go back to the red one and to being a man!

    You can go back to being a man but I don't like afros in general, sorry xD

    Quote by pandemonium91All those Russian websites that repost walls always compress them a lot too. I'd rather that shame not be put on me, lol.

    Oh yes. Why do they compress them tho... -_- Tbh I've also given up regarding reposts. Still, I once found a reddit thread where someone asked to remove my signature from one of my walls and the reply was "I tried to remove the text but it made it blurry and out of place". I felt a strange satisfaction.

    Quote by pandemonium91Haven't seen any of the Thor movies /lives under a rock
    Was it good? Did you watch it in 3-D?

    I don't watch anything in 3D. Not interesting for me. Ragnarok was a good pastime. If you've read some reviews, I can confirm it is the funniest Marvel movie so far although the jokes were cliché here and there. But made me grin at least. It's quite fast paced too; one thing happening right after the other and changing locations quite quickly. But I liked that. You see, I don't enjoy sluggish romantic movies with deep emotional analysis. ^^; The Thor movies are prolly the only Marvel/superhero movies I liked so far. Also saw Justice League this week but didn't engage me that much. I guess that compared to Superman, Iron Man or Captain America, Thor isn't such a tedious superhero and honestly, I was always fascinated by elemental powers (I used to watch X-men just because of Storm, too). Moreover, Loki is always worth seeing. I hated him at the beginning but can't get enough of him now.

  6. elisadevelon Moderator 2wk 5d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91@Elisa: I just saw your GB message, I have no clue how I missed it. I WASN'T IGNORING YOU ;_____;

    I don't trust you and your pink afro anymore. (○`з´)

    Quote by pandemonium91Why tf I haven't seen this until now IDK.

    Spoiler (show)

    I kinda got lazy to include them because I cross-post my stuff to Reddit >_> Clean or bust

    ...Is it OK if I don't care whether my walls get stolen or not? lol

    If you want I can add something to them.

    I'm not gonna force you, you know. Up to you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Quote by pandemonium91Edit: I'll be damned. You looked so hard for them you lost your pupils! *dodges cannonball*

    It's actually electricity... (saw Ragnarok last week)

  7. elisadevelon Moderator 4wk 4d ago

    Pande, maybe I'm blind but where are the signatures on your new walls? Ծ_Ծ

  8. elisadevelon Moderator 6wk 3d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91Damn, I'm kind of in the same boat XD I usually watch it with my best friend because she remembers who everyone is, I only remember like 25% of what happened the previous season. Tbh I tried to read the books and only got through the first one, it was a strange mixture of "can't put it down" and "can't get through this unbearable slowness". Btw thanks for all the images, I had no clue there were so many HQ ones available :D

    The books do scare me a bit with how long they are. Plus, I wouldn't even have a place where to store them; all my shelves are already full.

    You're most welcome. :D I believe the images are all photos. From what I've read, there's always a photographer on the scene who's worked with the team since season 1 and the HQ images that look like screenshots should all be pictures taken by her. There are many more available online but I was trying to filter it a bit.

  9. elisadevelon Moderator 6wk 3d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91Lmao yes :P I'm getting ready to watch the new season and have been practicing my description writing, hah.

    Thought so. :)
    Personally, I should rewatch the whole season tbh. I ended somewhere on S3 and it's been ages and I don't remember much. I need to catch up ^^; Or read the books.

  10. elisadevelon Moderator 6wk 3d ago

    Pande, honestly, I don't think people even rememebr what Syrio Forel's name actually was. But in any case, thanks for the help with tags and those descriptions. I believe it was you, wasn't it? :P

  11. Monu-chan Moderator 10wk 0d ago

    Back to blue xD

  12. Jason9811 12wk 4d ago

    Quote by pandemonium91

    Quote by Jason9811 *fist bump* Good my friend! Thanks for the resources btw, I needed to reset my god awful profile haha

    Well, I'm happy to help there, even if I don't know 100% what I did, haha. But I wouldn't worry about it, MT's getting a facelift soon!

    Oh really?! Took long enough haha, was wondering if it would ever get one haha

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