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  1. xangel0 Moderator 15h 42m ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 Yass you submitted it <3 Finally got to comment no I wasn't lazy stop asking

    The amount of painting in this is insane. No really, major kudos for all the strokes, I'll be sure to hit you up whenever I start to hate painting again. You must teach me your ways, sensei!

    It looks really lovely with the tree branches and stones on the ground, they really give it a more natural look as opposed to her being only in water (which is cliché at this point). I'd make them darker and a bit less blurry so they can stand out better from the water, though. And I had no idea you were planning on adding a gradient; a few patches on darkness on the water would do wonders in bringing out the blue (aside from the upped contrast).

    What I like most about this are probably the specks of light and the ripples near her dress. Yes, everything looks good overall but it's these two details that give the wall a certain kind of personality. It would be kind of boring without them :P

    xD ninja pande is never lazy..
    Painting is easy when u use a tablet, using mouse can be tricky but isn't impossible -w- I'm no mastah xD but I'm always glad to help :3
    My fear to high contrasts and sharpen x.x, in future paints I'll try to correct this, expect me asking you to be a sandbox again...
    Thank you for your luvly comment and fave *squishes the panda* :P

  2. erdeteha 1d 13h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 Hi,

    Please don't add the tags of the civilian personas of the Sailor Senshi if only their transformations are present.
    For example, don't add "Ami Mizuno" to this, when it's only Sailor Mercury that's present.

    oh, I really sorry.. OK, I got it.

  3. myri-chan 1d 17h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91

    Quote by myri-chan The result is amazing Pande :) you did an excellent job (^.^)b

    Thank you so much <3

    you're very welcome my dear Pande i really appriciate your works keep it up ! :3

    PS : you changed the photo! OMG so cute and adorable i love it <3 Amy Lee! XD

  4. Valuna Moderator 2d 11h ago

    Adding gradients is the same as in PS, but more advanced. It is easier to choose radial, linear or make it go transparent. Aside from that, you can add tons of colours to the gradient bar. This is one of the reasons why AI is so great.

    For the file, you will have to wait a bit. Need to see which one I can give, maybe my Sheryl one. Might be a little messy layers wise but I really like how I made the vector in general.

    You CAN use one layer with all the paths, but I do not suggest it. It becomes really difficult to track back on paths if you do so. That's why it's best to keep. Lineart layer then you have if you would do it properly base, shades, lights, skin base, skin shades, skin lights, hair base, hairshades, hairlights, eyes/face. That's what I usually have, but I tend to be lazy and sort it differently and more compact, going just Lineart, Skin, Eyes, Hair, Clothes. Makes it a little bit more difficult to seperate things, so its not suggested if you arent used to it. Remember there are tons of vector shapes. If you layer wellx you wont have to look for the shapes since you can just lock them out, then select the one you want by clicking on the shape itself.

    Just turn off your sound then. I usually don't have it on or just play some music aswell. It will help xD

    Yeah, I've heard more ppl being blown away during the time people on AP discovered AI. I felt insulted, since they all moved to that when they used to be like...PS is better, then realized PS was bad for advanced vectoring XD

  5. Valuna Moderator 2d 12h ago

    Oh..I see. So you need some help with adding gradients? I always go in steps. First it's just the outlines, then base colouring (lights, base, shadows). Once I'm done colouring it all entirely, I reselect all the parts and add a slight gradient to them. Just pick a little lighter colour and a little darker, keeping the base in the middle. You do this for all the bases, not just the base, base. That's where you get your basic advanced vector (adv. Vectoring is using gradients). So getting to control that properly will help a lot. Would it work to recieve one of my files to have a look at yourself? I tend to work kinda messy and more compact these days, skipping layers and putting everything on one because I can.

    Yeah, I thought you meant that beeping. When it pops up, you can click "do not show again" if I'm correct. Then it will no longer make the message might still beep from doing it wrong, but atleast no more interruption.

    I usually make my vector at a max of ~3000x3000. I will always be able to export it and if I want to make it biggerx I can enlarge it. Remember that ai allows infinite scaling. I just use this size because it is comfy for me to work at 200-300% zoom. Which is perfect. If you are planning to export your work to Photoshop, I suggest you make it slightly bigger than the actual wallpaper size, maybe by 500px. I actually think those issues are happening because you are pushing your pc to the edge. The bigger isn't always better. It's not like you are pasting it on your wall, are you? XD

    A comment contest and the reward is a day with Darthy? I agree with commenting, it would make people happy for sure and learn to judge! *winkwink* Darthy...I'm not sure. Needs to be more than just pissing him off XX

  6. Darthas Moderator 2d 12h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 a better place? Should I be fearing for my life or praying to the golden statue?

    Shonen Jesus.
    Because I'm gonna need that friendship-powered determination for survival when Doki sees image.

  7. Darthas Moderator 2d 13h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91
    Wait, where's Doki?

    Spoiler (show)

  8. Valuna Moderator 2d 13h ago

    It tends to happen. Sometimes I wonder why I haven't watched this person.

    You can try to attempt vectoring an entire wallpapaper. I still suggest to, regardless of anything to save and convert every part (foreground, vector, background, certain objects) seperately to Photoshop. Everything really needs the final touches of Photoshop. Try using effects in ai and you're just making the program run heavily. Beeping sounds? Can't you turn it off? And yes, feel free to ask questions :3

    @wall: stars are kind of like sparkles. Perhaps I should fix the link to the original scan. Yup, it is a matter of depth perception and it would start to look odd. Aside from that, I got to lower the punishment of having crimson flower cuts in the dress. Would have liked to implement those originally...but lack of reference/sources. Its not that I cant get it, it just takes a whole lot of effort to get them so I don't

    I normally don't make long I actually tend to do it, especially on guestbooks. It is quite nice to write detailed messages. I doubt you can match on Darthy. He is a true master xD

  9. Valuna Moderator 2d 13h ago

    To wall comment:
    Aww Panda! you wrote a pretty long comment yourseld this time.

    Yeah, I usually tend to let taggers get some tag credits. It's fun :3

    The sharp parts in the background are actually the original stars in the original background but cut off a little, so they may look a little odd. I did put a little filter to make it a little more dynamic. I honestly didn't want the entire wallpaper very smoothx so it has a little rough/straight looking edges/shapes her and there. Its over the entire piece, so its not so bad.

    Tbh...I didn't really add much sparkly stuff at all. So, I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Maybe its the background stars. Haha, they were actually identical or misshaped in the original, so I basically made a few and copy/pasted.

    As for the blurred hair on the bottom/middle. I did do it on purpose but it was mainly because I didn't cut the dress properly and left it in pure vector state instead of making it perfect for putting it in a wallpaper. So I blurred it out for it being more towards the back and putting more focus on Homura herself. Its also the blinding smoke or whatever it is!

    Clouds...I first wanted to give them more detail, but then I thought I should just blur them and keep them simple. Maybr its laziness, but I liked what I had and thought it didn't need more. Afterall, I actually added them to spice up the background more. I didn't want to be repetive in scenes (having a lot of outer space type as of lately).

    In the end, I kind of wanted a goddess, dilemma situation. Homura becomes the universe aka goddess and the title or mood should play on her dilemma aka nemesis. I was thinking of making a more madoka styled wall, but I really lack the reference material to make anything like it (you know I'm still in heavy trouble. Uploading like telling a monkey to go to his cage).

    Thanks for the comment :3

  10. Valuna Moderator 2d 13h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 Wtf why wasn't I watching you? Fixed.
    Also, do you use Illustrator? Dem lines on the Annie vector <3

    Maybe you forgot! It tends to happen.

    Yup, illustrator is my love and life for vectoring. I sometimes vector a little in PS but...I never figured how to cancel out curves. Works entirely different and AI is just pure comfort. Bot to mention dem 1MB .ai files.

  11. DokiDokiChan Moderator 3d 0h ago

    *checks mod forum with you UP code*

    *runs away screaming from all the Darthas*

  12. pamkips 4d 6h ago

    Quote by pandemonium91 Lmao don't worry, I like reading long descriptions (they're like novellas stories!). I usually write long PMs so spoiler tags come in handy a lot XD
    Your wall is really great - both versions! But I definitely know where you're coming from with the perfectionism; doesn't matter if everyone tells me I have nothing else to add/change, if I feel there's something out of place I won't rest 'til I find it!
    And yeah I could tell you weren't mad, I abuse caps lock too XD And curse words, to the others' dismay, haha.

    lmao I just can't believe I never noticed the button tbh! Ahhh tysm! Yeah, that's exactly what it's like. It's super frustrating too. There's always something out of place or something that could be fixed. lol I think I drive everyone crazy because of it but I can't help it. Ahahah ok! I felt bad because I thought I came off as super aggressive again due to my excessive caps locking and never shutting up. XD ahaha me too! /oops sry for the late reply, I was sick